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Vision Statement
Our vision is to position Heliene as a strong participant in the new and growing Solar Energy Infrastructure market. Our presence will define us as a high-quality valuable regional link within the supply chain of the Solar Power Generation industry in Ontario.

North America’s current energy model is unsustainable, and as one of the world’s largest contributors of greenhouse gases, it is critical that we develop reliable and dependable new technologies for generating power. Heliene Canada is the result of an alliance between Helios Energy Europe (Heliene Europe) and Canadian entrepreneurs with the goal of offering a solution to this problem. Both in the medium and long-term, solar photovoltaic energy can play a dramatic role in meeting the energy demands of North America.

The Solar Power Generation industry in Canada and the US is going through a growth stage and Heliene intends to be a strong player in this industry by developing a fully automated facility to manufacture high-quality, photovoltaic modules.

Since photovoltaic solar modules are a sophisticated technological product, the Heliene facility has been developed to include a high level of automation, with the assembly line combining robotics and on-line continuous monitoring.

Heliene is committed to advancing photovaltaic technologies by investing between 5 to 10% of its annual revenue in applied research and development (R&D).  Such research is primarily in the area of product efficiency, cost optimization, and connectivity to the smarter grid of tomorrow.

Collaboration and support from various industry players and universities is in place to advance this development, and create a link between academic research and industrial applications.  In the case of universities, as a company policy such collaboration is based on covering costs without including markup or related overhead.

Now being in operation for over seven years, Heliene has built specific knowledge, and gained expertise in the solar industry. We commit to continuous improvement, while providing the highest possible value in terms of product quality, price, and accountability with one-on-one customer service.

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